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Apr 5, 2020

Online Music Lessons

Some tips for people new to online study

Hello all. I'm writing this blog as many countries are currently in lockdown because of the corona virus and music teachers are offering their services online. Here is some information for any students considering this who are not sure how it works. 

First, you will need a good internet connection and access to a videocalling app such as FaceTime, Skype or Whatsapp. In order for your teacher to be able to advise you, try to set up in a well lit room and position yourself so that they can see you clearly. I like to see my Saxophone students in right profile to give me a good view of embouchure, fingering and breathing, but other instruments will need a different angle. For you to see your teacher, try to use a tablet or laptop if possible as a phone screen may make it harder to see fingering etc. Putting the sound output through a speaker ensures you can hear your teacher clearly.

If you are using backing tracks, these will need to go through a separate device as playing them through the phone or tablet you are using means your teacher will not be able to hear them.

I have been teaching online for quite a while as many of my students live abroad, and find it works very well. Some people were quite unfamiliar with computers prior to this and have got to grips with the tech very quickly so don't be intimidated!

If you would like to take online Saxophone lessons or play another melody instrument and are interested in improvisation, please drop me a line.

I leave you with this picture of my Alto student Adele having an online session